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你好,我是英语教师,很高兴为你解答: fot the first time in his life 意思是 他人生中第一次做某事。 for 翻译为 “这是”或者 “是” 全句意思是 这是他人生中的第一次, 他成为了一张……的床的光荣主人。 不知道能帮到你吗?

A 试题分析:考查连词。选择项中the first time第一次,为连词短语。B、C、D选择项不可以接从句。句意:当我第一次看到他,他的幽默给予我很深的印象。故A正确。


They say that at a circus (杂技场), for e___(2) , we may see elephants...This was his first time to go traveling by air. Hedid not know h_...

这个是固定词组了,for the first time,第一次。没有特别意思。

This is the first time he has made a lecture in the presence of audience 或者 This is the first lecture of his in the presence of audience

百度一下 你就知道 在百度网页中直接搜 有可能有有可能没有 因为可能是学校老师或出版社出的题目。


It is three years since his English for the first time to pass the exam The famous singer drug trafficking Mother was worried about his safety...

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